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Guizhou Duping Highway Project

Tickes:1   Time:2016-05-09

  The total length of DuPing Highway is 24.369 kilometer. It uses bi-directional four-lane expressway standard construction, design speed of 80 km. Now, the highway has opened and all items into the acceptance stage.

  DuPing Highway is the middle part of “Liu heng” YuQing highway to AnLong highway in the GuiZhou Province Highway Network Planning. It is an important part of GuiZhou highway main skeleton, and an important transportation infrastructure construction projects. This highway is to complete the provincial highway network and achieve the goal of "county to county expressway". This project begins in DuShan, and connects with all new high-speed traffic (LanHaiGuo Gao DouYun highway to XinZhai period), to the east connects with the SanSui to SanDu Highway and form a decussation with XiaRong highway; the terminal point is PingTang and connects with PingTang county by a 1.6 km connecting line. Subsequent sections also extend to LuoDian and AnRon, and form a cross in LuoDian with GuiYang to BaiSe highway. With the Project opened to traffic, will open a people and logistics channel between PingTang in the south of GuiZhou and DuShan, DuYun, GuiYang, GuangXi and other places.

  DIANMING provided DuPing highway VMS projects, products and control system. such as Gantry VMS, Cantilever VMS, Toll station canopy VMS, VMS in tunnel, Lane ETC screen and Indoor Message board. The percentage of briges and tunnels in DuPing highway is over 55%, “Walking on the narrow paths of Shu Kingdom is more difficult than climbing up to Heaven!” But no matter how difficult it is , Dianming will always be with you.

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