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Dezhou-Shangqiu Highway E&M Project Delivered

Tickes:1   Time:2016-08-08

Xiajin-Liaocheng section of Dezhou-Shangqiu high way is opened to public on July 28, 2016. Shenzhen Dianming Tech CO., LTD has built all information boards including 2 sets gantry type low power consumption VMS, 11 sets cantilevered VMS and 2 sets LED full color display used in service area. . Presently this high way system running steady and provides more safety highway transportation in Shandong province.

  Deshang highway serves as an important part of Jiguang highway which north from Dezhou, south to Shangqiu, passes through the entire Shandong province. Also Deshang highway was included in national trunk roads which the north connect Jinlv, south reach to the central plains. The highway of  Xiajin-Liaocheng road section was built by China Railway 14th Group The Electrification Engineering Co., Ltd, with standard bidirectional four-lane, 62km of this line, be designed for speeds of 120km/h, and it has three toll stations, one server area, one parking lots, one traffic control center and one maintenance area. The completions of Deshang highway project promotes not only economic development, but also facilitate the development of tourism along this highway and it will be of great importance to stimulate economy development of less- developed Luxi area.

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